RSCcorporate social responsibility

At Área Desarrollo we have defined our framework of activity and commitment in the area of sustainable development in accordance with the guidelines set by the Simetría Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy. Our aim is to guide our activities towards an ethical and responsible business model that is able to achieve the strategic objectives that have been defined, while ensuring viability, growth and the capacity to generate value for our stakeholders.

To this end, our key commitments are as follows:

  • Ethical commitment: to apply best practices with regard to corporate governance, transparency, and responsible and sustainable development.
  • Social commitment: to make sure we carry out our professional activities from a position of absolute respect for people, and to respect and promote basic human rights, equality and diversity.
  • Environmental commitment: to make sure our environmental performance is based on preservation and conservation, placing particular emphasis on the fight against – and adaptation to – climate change.

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