Property Consultancy / Advisory Services

Property Consultancy / Advisory Services Sale and purchase of assets


  • Land search.
  • Management of the sale and purchase of assets.
  • Lease agreements for the future building.

monitoring projects and works

Project Monitoring

  • Verification of construction costs.
  • Review and approval of contractual documentation.
  • General planning, scheduling of works and implementation.
  • Monitoring and monthly reports.
  • Supervision of certification of works and suppliers.
  • Monitoring of payments and investment
  • Monitoring and verification of compliance with legal obligations.

Project Management

  • Analysis and review of business plan feasibility.
  • Review and modification of plans and documentation.
  • Monitoring of construction and planning; document management.
  • Delivery and handover of properties and activities, where required.


  • Development projects.
  • Planning agreements.
  • Development planning.
  • Management documents.